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Love is Scary


Super Heavyweight Sun Faded Hoodie

Nail your winter look with this well-made pullover hoodie in eye-catching dusty colors. Oozing quality and simplicity, the heavyweight hoodie is produced from soft and thick cotton fabric that keeps you warm when it gets colder. The laid-back silhouette combined with faded hues conveys a retro yet contemporary street vibe.


  • Snug collar for wind protection
  • Kangaroo pockets
  • Drop shoulders
  • Oversized fit
  • Washed effect


  • 100% combed cotton
  • Brushed fleece
  • Pre-shrunk
  • Washed and easy to fade
  • Fabric weight: 400g/m²


  • Side-seamed construction
  • Binding taped neck and shoulders
  • Double flatlock seamed hood
  • Double-stitched ribbed cuffs and hem
Weight N/A


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<strong class="size-guide-title">Size guide</strong> <div class="table-responsive dynamic" data-unit-system="imperial"> <div class="table-warp" data-v-1f5ce979=""> <table class="table" data-v-1f5ce979=""> <thead data-v-1f5ce979=""> <tr data-v-1f5ce979=""> <th data-v-1f5ce979="">Imperial (in)</th> <th data-v-1f5ce979="">S</th> <th data-v-1f5ce979="">M</th> <th data-v-1f5ce979="">L</th> <th data-v-1f5ce979="">XL</th> </tr> </thead> <tbody data-v-1f5ce979=""> <tr data-v-1f5ce979=""> <td data-v-1f5ce979="">Length</td> <td data-v-1f5ce979="">27.6</td> <td data-v-1f5ce979="">28.3</td> <td data-v-1f5ce979="">29.1</td> <td data-v-1f5ce979="">29.9</td> </tr> <tr data-v-1f5ce979=""> <td data-v-1f5ce979="">Chest</td> <td data-v-1f5ce979="">50.4</td> <td data-v-1f5ce979="">52.0</td> <td data-v-1f5ce979="">53.5</td> <td data-v-1f5ce979="">55.1</td> </tr> <tr data-v-1f5ce979=""> <td data-v-1f5ce979="">Shoulder</td> <td data-v-1f5ce979="">23.6</td> <td data-v-1f5ce979="">24.4</td> <td data-v-1f5ce979="">25.2</td> <td data-v-1f5ce979="">26.0</td> </tr> <tr data-v-1f5ce979=""> <td data-v-1f5ce979="">Sleeve length</td> <td data-v-1f5ce979="">22.8</td> <td data-v-1f5ce979="">23.2</td> <td data-v-1f5ce979="">23.6</td> <td data-v-1f5ce979="">24.0</td> </tr> </tbody> </table> <table class="table" data-v-1f5ce979=""> <thead data-v-1f5ce979=""> <tr data-v-1f5ce979=""> <th data-v-1f5ce979="">Metric (cm)</th> <th data-v-1f5ce979="">S</th> <th data-v-1f5ce979="">M</th> <th data-v-1f5ce979="">L</th> <th data-v-1f5ce979="">XL</th> </tr> </thead> <tbody data-v-1f5ce979=""> <tr data-v-1f5ce979=""> <td data-v-1f5ce979="">Length</td> <td data-v-1f5ce979="">70</td> <td data-v-1f5ce979="">72</td> <td data-v-1f5ce979="">74</td> <td data-v-1f5ce979="">76</td> </tr> <tr data-v-1f5ce979=""> <td data-v-1f5ce979="">Chest</td> <td data-v-1f5ce979="">128</td> <td data-v-1f5ce979="">132</td> <td data-v-1f5ce979="">136</td> <td data-v-1f5ce979="">140</td> </tr> <tr data-v-1f5ce979=""> <td data-v-1f5ce979="">Shoulder</td> <td data-v-1f5ce979="">60</td> <td data-v-1f5ce979="">62</td> <td data-v-1f5ce979="">64</td> <td data-v-1f5ce979="">66</td> </tr> <tr data-v-1f5ce979=""> <td data-v-1f5ce979="">Sleeve length</td> <td data-v-1f5ce979="">58</td> <td data-v-1f5ce979="">59</td> <td data-v-1f5ce979="">60</td> <td data-v-1f5ce979="">61</td> </tr> </tbody> </table> </div> <h3 data-v-1f5ce979=""></h3> </div>
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