Lewd Pill © is a clothing brand and online store made & inspired by weebs. We look to share our passion for anime, streetwear and sexual freedom. Lewd Pill was born as a means to promote this particular lifestyle and culture. Founded by Furipe, a latino artist, our brand has quickly grown from its starts at the beginnings of 2019 and has gained a loyal fanbase who has helped shape the meaning and write the statements that define the essence of Lewd Pill.

The purpose of our clothing is to leave behind the prejudices and stigma associated with anime culture and open sexuality. We wear our clothes with pride, rejecting the image of the marginalized otaku who can’t express themselves or share their desires. We stand in a modern, free and globalized world, where our self identity is not defined by local cultural norms or old traditions.

As with urban fashion and streetwear, in Lewd Pill we constantly seek to innovate and create new ways to express ourselves thru our clothing and fashion choices. Our clothing is bold and stands out, but at the same time can be very personal, intimate and unique to us. Our love for anime may not be shared by everybody we meet, but it will always shine thru wherever we go.

Will you take the Lewd Pill?